Press release: ZOPF acquires EMEK.


Electrical, mechanical and electrotechnical components – or EMEK for short. Our company name stands for complex, customer specific solutions, where secure electricity connections with safe wiring are required in confined spaces.


Guaranteed quality – for our orders and as a manufacturer for your components

You give us a requirements specification and we take on the development and production of your individual multilayer busbars or punched parts. According to your wishes, additional components such as sleeves, threaded pins, relays, shrink tubing, etc. can also be included. If our engineers recognise optimisation potential, we will suggest it to you. The aim is an optimally functioning and adjusted component.

Our competence is developing multilayers in relation to production.

We implement customer requirements accurately: from development to series production, everything is in-house. This allows us to have short decision-making paths for an optimum workflow.

The customary industry standard – room for our innovations

Multilayer is a growing technology with great potential for innovation. Each new project is a challenge that we are pleased to accept. We know the standards, work in accordance with the guidelines and find room for creative innovations again and again.